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23 Sep 2015

6 Reasons to Get a Glass Conservatory Roof This Summer


6 Reasons to Get a Glass Conservatory Roof

Refresh Glass Conservatory Roof

The first of the hot weather has officially arrived, so now is the best time to start thinking about preparations you can make to your garden and home to get set for the best summer ever. We’ve compiled a list of six reasons to replace your polycarbonate conservatory roof with a brand new glass conservatory roof this summer.


1)      Brighten up your conservatory

If you currently have a polycarbonate conservatory roof, you will find when you change your conservatory roof with a glass roof that it will transform the brightness and general feel of your entire conservatory. It will also mean that you maximise the natural light which enters your conservatory, so you can make the most of the daylight hours and also save money on your electricity bill. 

2)      Noise Insulation

Don’t forget that in summer we get some of the UK’s biggest thunderstorms. This may stop you from being able to finish your gardening or top up your tan, but you can still enjoy the summer showers from the comfort of your conservatory when you have a glass conservatory roof. Refresh Glass Conservatory Roofs reduces the noise of rain on your roof by 50% compared to polycarbonate conservatory roofs, so that you can sit in your conservatory when it is raining without it being too loud to be able to hear yourself think.

3)      Reflect Heat

Does the hot summer weather normally confine you to a cooler room in your house? It need not be this way. By replacing your conservatory roof with a Refresh Glass Conservatory Roof, you will find that 78% off the heat is reflected so that it keeps the room at a bearable temperature, even during a heat wave.

4)      Self Cleaning

Put down the glass cleaning spray. If you live in an area where there is a lot of loose soil on fields which results in mud storms or if you have a lot of birds in your garden, you may find you continually have a dirty conservatory roof in the summer. By replacing your conservatory roof with a Refresh Glass Conservatory Roof, the hydrophilic coating utilises naturally daylight and rain to clean itself.

5)      Enjoy the Garden

Enjoy all the beauties of your garden from the comfort of a beautiful, well insulated conservatory. By having a Refresh Glass Conservatory Roof, you can enjoy the summer flowers, birds and other wildlife at any time of day as the temperature will remain comfortable.

6)      Entertain

Summertime means longer days for hosting barbeques and getting your friends and family over. If you have a small house and would not normally dream of putting your guests in your conservatory, replacing the roof with Refresh Glass will transform the whole room to make it look and feel like a place you can show off to your guests. 


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