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23 Sep 2015

Benefits of a Glass Conservatory Roof

Benefits of a Glass Conservatory roof


Main Benefits of a Glass Conservatory Roof

Converting your conservatory to a new glass conservatory roof from Refresh has many benefits. The six main benefits of a glass conservatory roof include:  

1) Cooler in summer: 

Refresh conservatory roof glass will be cooler in summer. One of the best benefits of a conservatory with glass is that it won't get unbearably hot when the sun is shining. Refresh glass reflects up to 78% of the suns rays so that a Refresh Glass Conservatory roof benefits from heat. 


2) Insulated in winter: 

Refresh conservatory glass will be a better insulator in winter. Refresh Roofs have a U-Value of 1.0W/m2K which is even more insulating than many walls. 

3) Reduced rain noise:

Refresh conservatory glass will reduce the sound of rain. Watching the rain from your conservatory can be very enjoyable, however if it is too loud, a conservatory - and even the rooms surrounding the conservatory, can be unbearaby loud. A Refresh Glass Conservatory Roof benefits from reducing the sound of rain noise by up to 50%. 

4) Reduced glare:

Refresh conservatory glass will reduce the glare from the sun. If the weather is hot and the sun is shining, you want to be able to enjoy your garden and conservatory as much as possible. However, with normal glass you will often find the glare from the midday sun is unbearable. Refresh Glass Conservatory roof benefits from blocking up to 68% of glare and blocks 94% of the suns rays. This means that whilst you will get a bright, light and airy room, you will benefit from it being glare-free. 

5) No leaks:

Refresh conservatory glass will never leak or cause draughts. Plastic conservatory roofs will warp over time. With a Refresh Glass Conservatory roof, you will benefit from toughened safety glass which means that your conservatory is warm and leak free all year round. 

6) Self cleaning:

Refresh conservatory glass is self cleaning. There is nothing worse than a dirty glass roof. With a refresh glass conservatory roof, you will benefit from the self cleaning glass. 


So, what are you waiting for? Start benefiting from your brand new glass conservatory roof replacement today. Request a quote here


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