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23 Sep 2015

Conservatory Roof Repairs


Conservatory Roof Repairs

Conservatory roof in need of repairAccording to the Home Improvement Blog, conservatories are set to gain in popularity again in 2015. And how couldn’t they? Conservatories offer an extra room to the home; add value to your property and with the increased amount of conservatory roofing material options to choose from, you can create your desired living space. However, if your conservatory has long been neglected, perhaps your conservatory looks more like a shed attached to your home than an extension; it could be a fantastic opportunity to repair your conservatory roof.

Conservatory Roof Damage

Conservatory roofs are the most exposed part of the structure as they take most of the impact during bad weather, especially during storms. This often means that poor quality conservatory roofing materials soon become damaged. The main issues most conservatory owners experience with their roofs are:

-       Conservatory roof leaks

-       Draughts making the conservatory too cold

-       Dirty windows and roofing

We explain all of the common conservatory roof problems in more detail on our Conservatory Issues page.

Repairing your Conservatory Roof

Repairing your existing conservatory is a great way to upgrade your conservatory, add value to your property and is a preferred alternative to stripping down the whole conservatory structure and rebuilding it with the same materials which may lead to the same results after a year or two.

Common Problems with Conservatory Roofs:

1)    Is the issue that your conservatory roof is leaking, cold & looks tired?

Reroof your conservatory – The best way to repair a conservatory roof is to replace it with a new one. By using high quality materials to reroof your conservatory, it will last longer than any of the other conservatory repair options. At Refresh, we give you a choice of four different conservatory roof replacement materials; glass roofs, conservatory roof panels, tiled conservatory roofs and the duo conservatory roof. Each of these conservatory roofs comes with a ten year guarantee.

2)    Is the issue that your conservatory roof looks tired?

Refresh your Conservatory – If the problem with your conservatory is an aesthetic issue, it may be worth painting it, however, this will not last long. By replacing your roof you can avoid needing to repair it anytime soon. Refresh’s Conservatory roof replacements come with a 10 year guarantee.

3)    Does your conservatory guttering need repairing?

Restore parts of your conservatory - If the problem with your conservatory roof is that you get water leaking over the gutter, it could be worth restoring your conservatory roof cornice and gutter. When you replace your roof with Refresh, you can choose from a number of conservatory finishing touches such as a cornice.

4)    Is your conservatory too dirty?

Renovate the conservatory – If the problem with your conservatory is that it is too dirty, a quick repair is to use a conservatory cleaning service, however, if you live in a rural area such as the Fens, you are likely to experience wild weather such as the Fen blow, a dust storm which causes top soil to be blown across fields, coating local homes and conservatories in dirt. The UK’s weather means that even after the best quality conservatory clean, the exterior of your conservatory isn’t going to stay clean for very long. A great option to renovate a conservatory is to use self cleaning conservatory glass in the future to avoid needing to replace a conservatory roof. Read our guide to choosing the best conservatory roof glass here.

At Refresh, we believe that your conservatory should be comfortable and usable 365 days a year. At Refresh, we do truly believe that the best high quality, long lasting conservatory roof repair option is to get a Refresh Glass, Duo, Tiled or Panel Roof as we guarantee that each of the conservatory roof replacement options will last at least 10 years and ensure you can use them during any weather.

If you are interested in replacing your conservatory roof with Refresh, please call 0845 340 4020 or request a quote here


Conservatory roof repairs



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