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27 Jul 2015

Conservatory Too Hot

Too hot this summer?


Conservatory too hot? 3 Options You Have To Cool Off.

Conservatories can be the best room in your house to make the most of the British summer. Not only is it the best place to entertain friends and family, it is the best place to relax and enjoy your garden in full bloom.

However, all too often the conservatory will get too hot and feel less like a garden room and more like a greenhouse. This is particularly true if you have a south facing conservatory where the sun will heat the conservatory throughout the whole day.

So, when the heat is on, it can be very tempting to pay any price for cooler air without weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

The first step to getting a cooler conservatory is to identify the issue, which is normally a polycarbonate conservatory roof which is not providing any solar protection. If you are feeling the heat, this is probably because your polycarbonate conservatory roof is offering you very little protection from heat and UV radiation, which is making your conservatory seem less like a sun room and more like a greenhouse.


So, what are the options for making your conservatory cooler?

Replacing your conservatory roof with a better quality material is definitely the most sustainable solution for keeping your conservatory cool for the years and years to follow. After the initial payment for the replacement conservatory roof, it does not use any electricity and will not emit any carbon emissions, which makes it a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution. Conservatories with better quality roofs also have better insulating properties which means that they also require less heating in the winter months.

See these three long-term solutions to get a cooler conservatory this summer

Option 1: Replace your polycarbonate roof with a glass conservatory

Replacing the roof on your conservatory with a quality glass material is probably the best way to ensure you can not only use your conservatory in the summer. A Refresh glass conservatory roof has a solar control coating which means that it will reflect more than three quarters of the suns infrared heat. Refresh Glass also reduces UV radiation which means that the roof will keep you cooler in summer. Not only will a Refresh Glass Conservatory keep your conservatory from becoming too hot in the summer, it is also more insulating, which means that you will not need to spend much on electricity to keep it warm in winter. A Refresh Glass Conservatory Roof is the best solution for ensuring that you get a room you can enjoy every day of the year, whatever the weather.

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Option 2: Replace your roof with a tiled conservatory roof

Replacing a conservatory roof with a tiled conservatory roofs is an increasingly popular way to prevent a conservatory from getting too hot in summer. The Refresh Tiled conservatory roof uses Envirotile. Envirotile Technology which provides excellent protection from UV heat, as well as high levels of insulation in the winter. Placing a tiled roof on a conservatory is a great way to transform a hot, run down polycarbonate roofed conservatory into a room which can be used as an extension to your home.

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Option 3: Replace your roof with a mixture of both glass and solid panels

If you are not too sure whether you would like your conservatory to look more like an extension of your home or a sun room, opting for a duo conservatory roof is the best way to get the best out of both. The Refresh Duo Conservatory Roof combines both the excellent quality glass from the popular Refresh Glass Roofs, as well as solid, insulating roof panels. The high quality materials used for the Refresh Duo Conservatory Roof guarantee a cooler conservatory in summer compared to your polycarbonate conservatory roof.

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Time to cool off?

Replace Your Roof With Refresh For A Cooler Conservatory.

So, here we have three fabulous solutions to help you to cool off this summer from the comfort of your conservatory.

Please contact Refresh for more information on replacing your conservatory roof this summer.


Conservatory too hot


Conservatory too hot conservatory too hot in summer advice on how to cool a conservatory

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