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07 Jun 2016

Helping you choose the Right Glass for Your Conservatory


When you choose Refresh for your replacement glass conservatory roof, you can rest assured our professional sales teams will help to guide you through the right choice of glass for you, taking into account things such as the location, position and the overall aesthetics of your conservatory design. With an amazing range of glass options Refresh offers everything you could want in a replacement conservatory roof!

Maybe, the temperature in your conservatory is an issue to you, causing discomfort in the summer months and don’t forget those expensive heating bills to keep it warm in the winter. Maintenance of your conservatory roof can be a problem too. How often have looked up at your old, dirty, discoloured polycarbonate roof and thought “ mmm I must get around to cleaning that! “ ? Or maybe it’s not that easy for you to manage these days. Either way, Refresh has the right range of glass choices to make life considerably easier for you !

Let’s not forget the Aesthetics side of things either. A new Refresh glass roof can dramatically change the appearance of a tired and dated conservatory, giving it a new lease of life and helping to increase the value of your home. The Ambience range of glass comes in a variety of shades and tints to suit everyone’s taste and with solar reflection & self-cleaning properties, you could not make a more attractive and practical choice of glass for your new conservatory roof!

At Refresh, we believe in keeping things simple, so here is our easy to understand “Jargon Buster”

Self -Cleaning Glass:

Whichever glass you choose from Refresh, all of the panels in our range are finished with a special coating that reacts with UV rays in natural sunlight and rainfall, to loosen and break down organic dirt particles on the outer facing surface of the panel. Instead of forming into droplets and staining the glass when it dries, the coating allows the rainwater to wash away. Taking all the naturally occurring dirt and grime and with it- keeping maintenance to the bare minimum.


Our award winning glass range offers a range of U values, which is the recognised industry standard for measuring the thermal efficiency of the glass. Simply, the lower the number of the U value, the more insulation the glass offers, meaning that your new Refresh glass roof will prevent heat loss in the winter.

Solar Heat Reflection;

As the name suggests, Solar Controlled Glass is designed specifically to minimise the amount of heat from the sun that causes discomfort in the hot summer months and keeps your conservatory cool. The higher the percentage rating on the glass the more glare and heat from the sun is reflected away. Solar Controlled Glass saves you money all year round, reducing the need for air conditioning systems. Remember having all the windows wide open and electric fans going at full blast just to make it bearable out there? No more with our Solar Control options. The benefits in winter are soon noticeable too, being that expensive heat is retained within your conservatory giving it that warm and cosy feeling you always wanted.

Light Transmission:

Light transmission is an important factor when considering which glass to choose. The amount of light that passes through the glass can literally transform your conservatory, giving it that light and airy feel, on the inside and an updated modern look on the outside. If you prefer you can opt for some of our privacy glass options. For example, if your conservatory is overlooked or you have issues with glare from the sun all day, privacy glass -while still offering all of the features we’ve already mentioned, will give you the freedom to enjoy you conservatory to the full. 


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