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23 Mar 2016

How to Fix A Leaking Conservatory Roof

Fixing A Leaking Conservatory Roof:

Leaking polycarbonate conservatory roof

A leaking conservatory roof can be incredibly frustrating for homeowners. To get the issue fixed once and for all, please continue reading to find out exactly how you can prevent and fix a leaking conservatory roof.

Symptoms of conservatory roof which leaks:

Conservatory roofs which leak may have other symptoms than just letting through rainwater. You may find that if you have a leaking conservatory roof, you experience some of the following issues: • Visible cracks in the roofing material • Drafts of cold air when you are in your conservatory with no windows or doors open • Dirt or algae trapped between the roofing material • Discolouring on the ceiling of your conservatory • Condensation build up on the roofing panels

Causes of a leaking conservatory roof:

Leaking conservatory roofs are usually caused by a poor quality roofing material. Interior and outdoor temporary fluctuations cause polycarbonate materials to expand and contract which leads to the material warping, becoming brittle and this in turn leads to cracks in the material. These cracks can be large and visible to the naked eye, however the cracks can also be tiny which makes it very difficult to fix. Furthermore, polycarbonate is slightly hydroscopic which means that algae can grow through it, making it dirty.

How to diagnose the cause of leaks in your conservatory:

When you have a leaking polycarbonate conservatory roof, it can seem like a frustrating, mad hunt to find the root of the cause as you may not be able to see any visible cracks. The first challenge is pinning down exactly where the leak is coming from. A leak at the finial point can be a sign that you have a poor quality sealant under the ridge end cap or where the finial attaches to the ridge body. Alternatively, the leak could be coming through the conservatory roofing material, which means that you need to replace your conservatory roof. It is highly recommended that if you have a poorly performing, leaking conservatory roof, to consult with a conservatory roofing specialist such as Refresh who will assess the state of your conservatory roof and advise you on how to get it fixed.

How to fix a leaking roof:

A sustainable, hassle-free solution to repair a leaking conservatory roof is to replace the entire roof. Refresh is a conservatory roof replacement specialist who can replace your polycarbonate conservatory roof without making any adjustments to the actual structure of the conservatory. “Lifting the lid” on your conservatory roof and replacing it with high quality glazing is a relatively simple, quick solution to improve the performance of your conservatory and prevent leaks. Furthermore, Refresh’s conservatory roofs come with a ten year guarantee, so that you have complete peace of mind that you are purchasing a quality material.

How to prevent a leaking roof occurring again:

Prevent a leaking roof altogether by ensuring that you get a high quality conservatory roofing material. Find out more about conservatory roofing materials here.


Leaking conservatory roof conservatory roof which is leaking

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