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14 Apr 2015

Protecting Wildlife in the UK

Protecting Wildlife in the UK:

Sadly, more than half of the world’s species of wild animals have been lost over the last 40 years. We often hear about rainforest devastation destroying habitats in areas such as the Amazon, Indonesia and tropical forest islands, but the issue is closer to home than we may expect.



In the UK, three in five animals, insects, birds and fish species have declined in the past 50 years. Through simple changes to our lifestyles, we can all play our part to protect endangered species in the UK.



From globalisation to pollution, there are many reasons for the decline in wildlife in the UK:

• Introducing new species which either kill or give diseases to existing species

• Loss of habitat from construction or agricultural changes

• Acidification of aquatic habitat from acid rain and pollution

• Climate change

• Overfishing


Infographic on Wildlife in the UK:



If you would like to help us to spread awareness about helping wildlife in the UK, please use: 
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Jpeg of the Infographic: 


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