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23 Sep 2015

Small Conservatory Ideas


Making the Most of Your Small Conservatory:

Your Small Conservatory needs Smart Storage

It is easy to either not use or misuse small conservatories, perhaps only using them as a porch or a place for stashing clothes, but with some simple changes you can transform it to be the perfect room for whatever you enjoy doing, whether that is enjoying your conservatory with friends, doing yoga, crafts, gardening, reading or taking pictures of your cat. Make some simple changes to your small conservatory to transform it into a beautiful, extended sun room living area.

1)      Start with the foundations

Add some WOW Factor to your conservatory. If you currently have a polycarbonate conservatory roof, adding extra light by converting the roof to a new glass roof will transform it into a room you can enjoy no matter what the weather. By adding glass to the conservatory roof, it will help the room to look bigger and create the ultimate wow factor when you walk in. What is more, as you have a small conservatory, splurging a little on a fabulous new roof will not cost as much as it would if you had a huge conservatory roof, so go with a quality conservatory roof glass supplier such as Refresh

2)      Make it Bright

If you have a small conservatory, you will want it to be as bright, airy and spacious as possible. Opting for light pastel colours in your conservatory will prevent dark colours fighting against the natural brightness of your sun room.

3)      Jazz it Up

Add some fresh flowers (even better if they are from your garden) to keep your conservatory looking fresh and to give it some instant personality.  As you don’t have much room, why not get some modern wall hanging planters and fill them with your favourite herbs to add some greenery to your conservatory.

4)      Think of Storage

It's important to make the most of small spaces. Some effective storage spaces can provide an excellent way to make the most of your small conservatory. Add some quirky storage designs, such as add a garden tool rack or sun glass hook to the wall. Be careful not to overfill storage though as it may end up making your conservatory look smaller.

5)      Be Bold

If you are keeping the colour scheme fairly neutral, consider using bold floral prints, graphic prints and stripes to add some personality to the room. If your conservatory is narrow, opt for horizontal stripes to widen the look of it.

6)       From floor to ceiling

Light floor tiles create the airy ambience you may prefer, however dark textured flooring anchors and creates an excellent definition. Whatever flooring you having, the right rug can make your conservatory appear more spacious.   Choose a rug with a small repeat to make the room look bigger. If you are choosing a pared-down atmosphere, choose a rug with a great texture to add to a calm and relaxed atmosphere. 


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