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Refresh replacement conservatory roof reviews

Browse these case studies to learn how a replacement conservatory roof from Refresh could transform your conservatory and home.

Mr and Mrs Beaumont, Hampshire



Mr & Mrs Beaumont knew they weren’t making the best use of their conservatory. Their once cosy, peaceful haven had become tired looking and uncomfortable.

Mrs Beaumont explains: “When it rained the noise levels were practically unbearable due to the plastic polycarbonate roof, and if the sun was shining the heat through the plastic roof was incredibly uncomfortable to sit in.

“We looked at a few options as we used to really enjoy time reading in this ‘extra’ room, but it was simply unusable. However, we were astounded when we found out how much it cost to buy a whole new conservatory.”

However, John was advised by a family friend that a plastic conservatory roof replacement could in fact help avoid having to replace the entire conservatory – saving the Beaumonts thousands in costs.

“We got in contact with an expert who listened to our concerns and advised us that a Refresh glass conservatory roof would not only significantly reduce the noise levels when it rained, but would not be too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter – it was the ideal solution to our problems,” says John. The Beaumonts’ conservatory roof was fitted in just one day during the summer, and the positive effects of having a glass roofed conservatory were instant.

“Our conservatory is now our favourite place to relax in and something we had always wanted for our home,” says John. “We now use it all the time and it’s great to be able to sit in there with family and friends to enjoy an evening meal or drinks – all very refreshing!”


Mr and Mrs Taylor, Merseyside



Mr and Mrs Taylor have lived in their three bedroomed semi-detached home in Gateacre, Merseyside for 40 years.

After 20 years in the property, and ahead of their retirement, the couple decided to invest in a new conservatory with a view to creating extra space to relax in and entertain guests.

“I’d always wanted a conservatory,” explains Mrs Taylor. “I wanted somewhere comfortable to relax in during my retirement and a conservatory felt like the right investment at the time.”

The Taylors had their brand new conservatory fitted with a plastic polycarbonate roof and Mrs Taylor’s ideal space to relax and entertain guests was finally complete.

However, after 20 years of being in situ, Mr and Mrs Taylor noticed problems with the roof of the conservatory, which was dull and lead to the space feeling uncomfortable.

“It felt particularly cold in the winter and on a rainy day it sounded like it was hail stoning,” says Mrs Taylor. “We’d decided that after all this time we needed a solution to start enjoying the space one again, and that’s when we decided to upgrade our conservatory roof with a Refresh glass one.”

Mr and Mrs Taylor were advised that by simply replacing the existing roof with a new glass replacement roof, they would once again be able to use their conservatory to relax in.

“Fitting the new roof only took between one and two days, and the results are amazing,” explains Mrs Taylor. “People keep commenting on how much bigger the conservatory looks, and they ask if we’ve had it extended.

“The new Refresh glass roof makes the space look a lot lighter and even brightens up the living room at the back of the house too. We’re delighted with the result and we don’t even notice when it rains now.”

Happy Couple

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