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Conservatory Styles

Whichever type of conservatory you have, and whether you want a contemporary or traditional style, Refresh can offer a replacement roof design to suit your conservatory, property, taste and budget.

You can browse the main conservatory styles here:

Georgian Conservatory Roof

Georgian Conservatory

The Georgian conservatory (sometimes referred to as Edwardian) has a flat front and a square body. The large side windows mean that there is ample light, making solid roofs such as the Duo Panel Roof the perfect solution. The roof is high and sloping which mean that the vaulted ceiling gives a magnificent finish. A Refresh Glass Roof is also a suitable option for a Georgian conservatory.


Victorian Conservatory

Victorian Conservatory

A Victorian Style conservatory is the most popular conservatory style. A Victorian style conservatory has a bay front with either three-facet or five-facets. The beautiful shape and steeply pitched Victorian conservatory Roof makes it ideal for a Refresh Glass Roof.


Lean To Conservatory Roof

Leanto Conservatory

A Lean-to conservatory, also known as the Mediterranean Conservatory, has a contemporary look. Refresh Glass Roofs really suit the modern style lean-to conservatory. However, it does depend on the style of your property. If your not sure, why not contact the Refresh Conservatory Roofs team?


Gable Conservatory Roof

Gable Conservatory

The Gable Conservatory is characterised by the stunning front which is an upright structure rather than a sloping one like most conservatory designs. This conservatory looks fantastic with any roof, but add an external cornice to a Duo Roof for a grand finish.


P-Shape/L-Shape Conservatory Roof

Gable Conservatory

The P-shape conservatory combines the Lean to and Victorian styles, making it ideal style for larger, detached properties. When you combine a Lean-to and a Georgian-style conservatory it is known as an L-shape.

As it extends in multiple directions, the P-shape conservatory is a highly versatile style. It is suitable for using as two separate living areas for modern family life, with the longer section often used the as a lounge or dining area, and the rounded part as a children’s play area. The P-shape conservatory combines a mix of Edwardian or Victorian styles and makes an impressive statement to the overall property.


T-Shape Conservatory Roof

Gable Conservatory

The T-Shape conservatory is also suitable for larger properties, where there is substantial space for the conservatory. The T shape enables homeowners to create impressive looking extensions to their property, whilst also serving as a natural entrance area.

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