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Installation Process

Whether you opt for a new Refresh Glass or Duo roof, or our replacement roof panels, changing your conservatory roof is easier than you may expect. Our excellent team will make it our every endeavour to ensure that the process of changing your conservatory roof is a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.

Depending on the size and complexity of your conservatory roof, the replacement process will normally take one to two days to complete. However, please ensure that all of the blinds are removed and the conservatory is cleared so that our installers can get to work as soon as they arrive. There are more details in the design service about how you can prep beforehand to make it a smoother transition.

We’ve provided this step-by-step guide to replacing plastic conservatory roof so that you know what to expect:

The first stage involves removing your old polycarbonate roof.
The Conservatory structure is then prepared for the new conservatory roof to be installed.
The new Roof Framework is then built.
New Roof framework is put into place
The Refresh Roof is installed
Your Chosen finishing’s are fitted
If you opted for a Duo Roof, the ceiling will be given a beautiful vaulted finish.

View The Process Below

1. Old polycarbonate roof is removed

2. Conservatory structure is prepared

3. The new roof framework is built

4. New roof framework is in place

5. The Refresh glass panels are fitted

6. Your chosen finishes are fitted

7. Your Refreshed roof is complete

8. It's time to enjoy your new space!

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