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What To Consider When Choosing Your New Conservatory Roof

When deciding on the best replacement conservatory roof for your home, it can be a little daunting when faced with the incredible range of modern conservatory roof styling options available on today’s market.

If you chose Refresh for your new replacement conservatory roof you can be sure that you are getting the right advice and expertise in order to help you with your choice of roofing system. Due to our long association with TuffX Processed Glass one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of toughened safety glass, you can be sure that you will be getting the latest in modern glass roofing technology.

Replacing your traditional polycarbonate conservatory roof with a Refresh Glass roof can literally transform a sometimes neglected and under used space into an attractive stylish multi-functional room that literally brings your conservatory in from the cold!

There are many companies out there offering a cheap replacement glass option, but it is wise to consider exactly what quality of glass you are getting for your money. Unfortunately, not all types of roof glass will provide you with the same energy saving efficiency and low maintenance self -cleaning properties as the high quality award winning glass provided by TuffX,installed in all our glass roofs as standard.

The three key features when considering the glass for your new roof are Insulation, Safety & Maintenance.

1)   Insulated Glazing comes in the form of double glazed panels which are filled and sealed with Argon gas to eradicate heat loss. Insulated glass can help to make your conservatory energy efficient reducing the cost of heating it during the winter months and ensuring you really can use that space comfortably all year round.

Your initial investment can be returned over the years in the form of the potential long term savings you can make on your energy bills. Choosing this type of glass can also help reduce your home’s Carbon Emission levels and should you decide to sell or rent out your home in the future will give you a much better EPC (Energy Performance Report) which is presently a legal requirement. This will in turn make your home more attractive to prospective buyers or tenants.

Selecting the right level of Insulation for your Conservatory

The capability of modern insulating glass is measured by what is known as the U Value.

The U value is the measure of how effective your new roof glass will be as a heat insulator.

The U value number represents the amount of heat lost in Watts per square metre Kelvin W/m2 K.

In simple terms the lower the U number, the better the thermal value of the glass and the better insulator it is.

Typical U Value examples :

Single Glazed Glass                    5.8

Double Glazed Panel                1.2

Before choosing your glass roof supplier, make sure you really are getting what you paid for it’s worth confirming the U value of the glass with your intended supplier. Naturally, at Refresh, we can put your mind at rest on that score right away as Refresh Glass Roof Panels have a U value of 1.0 meaning that with one of the lowest U values on the market, you really are purchasing the best quality available glass for your conservatory roof.

2)   Safety

 When choosing a glass supplier for your roof, make sure that you are getting a quality toughened safety glass. Refresh only ever use toughened safety glass in our roof panels for complete peace of mind. What does this mean for you? Fundamentally, that the glass we install is toughened and up to 5 times the strength of a normal piece of glass of the same thickness. This means that if the worst did happen and one of your roof panels was damaged, that it will not shatter into jagged shards liable to cause serious injury but will effectively “crumble” into manageable blunt pieces.

To ensure that the glass you have purchased is indeed safety glass you should check that the panel carries the BS EN 12150 logo. This logo means that the glass conforms to the British Standards Institution industry standard and means as part of the production process that the glass has been thermally toughened in a soda lime silicate. By purchasing glass that carries the BS EN 12150 logo you can be sure that the glass has passed many rigorous safety checks and tests and is suitable for use in your conservatory roof replacement.

All Refresh conservatory roof glass carries the BS EN 12150 logo as standard, ensuring once again that if you choose Refresh, you are buying a top quality and above all -safe product. All Refresh units are hermetically sealed, forming an airtight seal, avoiding moisture from the air penetrating the panels and preventing condensation and a “foggy” appearance.

3)   Maintenance

Another thing to consider when you purchase your replacement glass roof is the maintenance and cleaning of your roof.

Not all of us are capable of climbing up on ladders in order to clean the roof of our conservatory. With the UK climate being what it is, dirt and grime can gather rapidly on a Polycarbonate and indeed a glass roof for that matter.

By choosing Refresh for your new glass roof you can use Mother Nature to give you a helping hand to clean your roof!  All of our glass panels are coated with a special Hydrophilic coating. Essentially the coating helps break up naturally occurring dirt and it is then washed away by normal rainfall. Hence the term “Self- Cleaning” glass is used. This type of glass is virtually maintenance free and is fitted as standard to all of our glass conservatory roofing systems.

There’s an old saying “you get what you pay for” try not to be tempted into purchasing a cheaper inferior version of the roof that you want for your conservatory. With Refresh you are getting the best available in glass technology, together with many years of skill and experience from our installation teams up anddown the UK. Top quality materials and a ten year insurance backed guarantee.

Whatever project you may be planning for your conservatory, we can offer expert professional advice so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a completely obligation free quote and home visit - contact us on 0800 808 9125 today!

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