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Conservatory Roof Repairs

There are a number of common problems associated with traditional polycarbonate conservatory roofs. In many cases, these issues lead to the conservatory falling into disuse.

Homeowners often find their conservatories are too hot in summer and too cold in winter, and that their conservatory roof is very noisy when it rains. This tends to arise when roofing materials with poor insulating propertie have been used. What is more, conservatory roofs are the most exposed part of the structure which means that if they are not made from quality materials, they often fall into a state of disrepair. Polycarbonate conservatory roofs tend to discolour over time, are difficult to clean due to their fluted construction, and can be prone to leaks. For more information on common problems with conservatory roofs and the best way to repair a conservatory roof, read our blog article.

Repairing your conservatory roof by replacing it with a brand new roof is an excellent way to transform your conservatory, making it into an extra room that you can use all year round, whatever the weather. Each of the three Refresh conservatory roof replacement options will dramatically reduce the problems typically found in traditional conservatory roofs, allowing you to make the most of your space all year round.


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Is Your Conservatory Too Hot In Summer?

Plastic polycarbonate roofs absorb heat from the sun, often causing temperature levels to rise to unbearable levels during the day. Replacing your conservatory roof with a Refresh Glass Roof will reduce both heat and glare, creating an ideal summer sunroom.

A Refresh Glass replacement conservatory roof is treated with a solar control coating that can reflect up to 78% of the sun’s infrared heat away. Refresh’s Conservatory Roofs even reduce UV radiation.

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Is Your Conservatory Too Cold In Winter?

Many homeowners find their conservatories unusable in winter, as inside temperatures drop almost as fast as those outside. A replacement roof from Refresh will help retain heat in winter because Refresh Conservatory Roofs have excellent thermal insulation properties which mean that in turn you will use less energy to heat your conservatory.

Each of the replacement roof options from offer enhanced thermal insulation, with our Glass Roof reaching a U-value as low as 1.0W/m2K and our Duo Roof an amazing 0.18 U-value. Compare that to the typical 2.4 U-value for 16mm triple wall polycarbonate.

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Too Noisy When It Rains?

Polycarbonate roofs offer no sound insulation, making them extremely noisy during rain. By contrast, each of the Refresh replacement conservatory roof options offer excellent sound reduction properties.

A Refresh Glass Conservatory Roof, for example, is 50% more effective at reducing external rain noise than a typical polycarbonate roof.

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Does Your Conservatory Have Too Much Glare From The Sun?

Sometimes the pleasure of a warm sunny day can be spoiled be excess glare. Choosing a replacement roof from Refresh will ensure that your can enjoy the sun in your conservatory without this problem.

The glass in a Refresh Glass Roof is treated with a solar control coating that reduces glare by as much as 68%. The bleaching effect of the sun is also reduced as the glass blocks 94% of the sun’s UV rays. The same coating is used on the glass panels within our unique Refresh Duo Roof option. Whichever you choose, you will be ensured a light and airy, glare-free room.

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Does Your Conservatory Suffer From Leaks And Draughts?

Natural temperature fluctuations can cause plastic roofs to warp, become brittle or even crack, with resulting leaks and draughts impacting the living area.

All of the Refresh replacement roof options offer wind and rain resistance to ensure that your conservatory remains warm and dry, all year round.

Our sealed glass units use toughened safety glass to BS EN1 2150 and our Duo Roof is BBA certified.

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Is Your Conservatory Difficult To Clean?

Not only do polycarbonate conservatory roofs attract a build up of dirt and grime, they are extremely difficult to clean, especially as they lack load-bearing access.

Transforming your conservatory with a replacement roof from Refresh provides a permanent, attractive outlook with just some simple maintenance steps. Our self-cleaning glass significantly reduces the need for manual cleaning on our Glass Roofs, while our Duo and Panel roofs require only occasional power-washing to keep them looking good as new.








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