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Refresh Glass Conservatory roof solutions

Types of Conservatory Roof Solutions

There are nearly four million conservatories in the UK, most of which were built when the only option for a conservatory roof was to use polycarbonate – a cheap, fluted plastic material that offers only limited insulation. We know that you want only the best type of conservatory roof fitted, so we only provide you with the best roofs. With recent enhancements in glass technology and new conservatory roof systems to choose from, Refresh offers some of the best conservatory roofing solutions available with unbeatable service.

Refresh leads the way in the conservatory roof replacement market. As part of the Tuffx Group, the UK’s largest conservatory roof glass manufacturer, Refresh naturally started by developing an excellent quality glass roof solution. Refresh now offers three more different types of conservatory roof styles: the Duo Conservatory Roof system, a Tiled Conservatory Roof solution and a fantastic combined glass and solid roof Fusion Range. Each of these products use innovative and insulating conservatory roof materials to provide better solutions for virtually any home, lifestyle and budget.

Refresh Glass Roof

A Refresh Glass Conservatory Roof uses thermally efficient solar control glass to transform your conservatory into a beautiful bright, light and airy living area

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Refresh Duo Roof

A Refresh Duo Conservatory Roof is the first solid roof design that can incorporate glass panels to transform your conservatory with stunning interiors and external light

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Refresh Tiled Roof

With a Refresh Tiled Conservatory Roof your extra space becomes an integral part of your house, whilst allowing you to still enjoy the added light and airy feel you would expect from a conservatory.

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Refresh Roof Panels

Refresh replacement conservatory roof panels are ideal for a cost effective way to create a liveable conservatory, replacing only the polycarbonate panels with a lightweight alternative

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Finishing Touches

For the ultimate in style and ambience, select from a range of finishing options such as central lighting panels, insulating pelmets, integrated heater, or an external cornice. Finishing Touches are suitable for our premium Refresh Glass Roof and refresh Duo Roof product options.

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A Brighter Conservatory

Refresh is the only provider of double glazed units using oversized, 4 metre spans of glass. This eliminates the need for separating bars, uniquely offering full and unrestricted visibility and preventing the possibility of leakage.

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