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Conservatory Finishing Touches

Add a final touch of style to your new conservatory by choosing from our range of add-on options. Finishing Touches are suitable for use with all Refresh Duo Roofs and most Refresh Glass Roof installations. Our consultant will advise you on the best finishing touches to add to create the design you want.

Central Conservatory Lighting Panel

Insulate conservatory roof with a central lighting pelmet

A superb way to finish your conservatory and add larger central lights is to add the Central Conservatory Lighting Panel sits at the apex of the conservatory roof and can be fitted with either suspended or flush lighting units. With a Central Lighting Panel fitted, your conservatory will be a great place to relax on a cold winter’s evening or on a bright summer’s day. The Central Lighting Panel also provides added thermal insulation to the room and can be added to either the Refresh Glass Roof and Duo Roof options when you re roof your conservatory. 







Insulating Pelmet

Conservatory Insulating Pelmet

An Insulating Pelmet is standard with all Refresh Duo Roofs and optional with Refresh Glass Roofs. It is a great way to add subtle, additional downlights and provides a concealed space for cabling. You can even incorporate speakers for your music system. The Insulating Pelmet also helps to create a seamless look to your conservatory interior, especially when used in combination with a vaulted ceiling.

To create a perimeter ceiling effect similar to the Refresh Duo Roof, an Insulating Pelmet is a great addition to the Refresh Glass Roof option. Sitting at the junction between the top of the vertical conservatory ‘walls’ and the bottom of the roof, the Insulating Pelmet provides a smooth transition to create a seamless look. It also adds vital insulation to the room, helping to reduce heat loss and make it warmer in winter.

External Cornice

Conservatory Cornice
Conservatory cornice design

Adding a Refresh Finishing Touch is not limited to the interior of your conservatory. For the ultimate in exterior conservatory aesthetics, why not add an External Cornice to run along the eaves? This will hide the guttering, giving your conservatory a modern, visually pleasing look.

Conservatory Heater

Conservatory heater

The Conservatory Heater is a vertically mounted electric radiant panel which runs from floor to ceiling. It is both a space-saving and an energy efficient conservatory heating solution as it will cost much less to buy and run than expensive under floor heating. It is available in a choice of two colour/finishes to ensure an aesthetically pleasing design which will fit into most furnishing schemes.

Powered by a simple A5 socket, the Conservatory heater which offers the options of fingertip control via a wireless controller puts you in charge of your heating costs at all times.




































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