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Glass Conservatory Roof

A Refresh Glass Conservatory Roof uses the most thermal energy efficient glass available. Transform your conservatory into a bright and comfortable living area all year round.

An all glass conservatory roof is an obvious choice if you want to maximise the sunlight in your conservatory. However, a Refresh glass conservatory roof replacement will not only maximise the light transmission into your conservatory, but it is an excellent investment as our product is a thermally energy efficient solution. 

Upgrading to a glass conservatory roof from polycarbonate is a quick and easy way to be able to enjoy your conservatory all year round. A Refresh Glass Roof even comes with a 10 year guarantee. Read on below to find out about our glass roof panels or get an estimated price for replacing your roof here.

Choosing Your Conservatory Roof Glass

Refresh are part of the Tuffx Group, a specialist glass manufacturer, which means that we are at the forefront of developments in glass technology. Our glass technology provides the basis for improved solar control, enhanced thermal insulation and self cleaning conservatory roof potential. What is more, Refresh’s glass conservatory roof panels have a u value of 1.0 and are BS EN 12150 approved as a safety glass. Read more about what this means on our Guide to Choosing the Best Conservatory Roof Glass.

Glass Roof Panels

Glass Conservatory Roofs
Glass Conservatory Roof Panels


Refresh conservatory glass roof panels balance light transmission, solar heat control and glare reduction by eliminating 94% of the sun's UV rays. This means that by choosing Refresh Glass for your conservatory roof replacement will give you the potential to enjoy your stunning garden and sky views, as well as maximising the daylight into your conservatory. 

Refresh Glass Roof Panels Mean A Cooler Conservatory In Summer

Glass Conservatory Roof Reflects 78% of suns rays

Plastic polycarbonate Conservatory roofs absorb heat from the sun, often causing temperature levels to rise to unbearable levels during the day. You can create the perfect summer room by choosing a Refresh Glass Roof replacement option.

Refresh Glass Roofs incorporate the very best in energy efficient, solar control glass technology. Invisible microscopic coatings are applied to the glass during manufacture to reduce the heat and glare from the sun. The key to solar control is the ability to reflect the sun’s infrared rays back away from the glass. A Refresh Glass Roof has a very high 78% heat reflection rate, ensuring that you conservatory will be much cooler during warm weather compared to one with a polycarbonate roof, which allows as much as 90% heat transmission into the room.

The glass also has a subtle tint, which provides an optimum balance of heat and light transmission, effectively reduces glare reduction, and maintains a natural feel and outlook

Refresh Glass Roof Panels Mean A Warmer Conservatory In Winter

Conservatory Too Cold in Winter

When winter arrives many homeowners find it difficult to keep their conservatories warm due to a lack of insulating properties and they quickly cease to use them. Refresh Glass Roofs provide an ideal solution to this problem, providing excellent thermal insulation and heat retention properties.

Surprisingly, it is the glass that provides much of this benefit. Refresh is part of the Tuffx group, a quality Glass Manufacturer who have adapted Refresh Glass to have special coatings not only reflect the sun’s heat away form the roof in summer, but help retain more heat too. So when the heating is on during the winter the room will stay warm and will also require less energy to reach and maintain your desired ambient temperature. So a Refresh conservatory glass roof can help reduce your energy bills and lead to a smaller carbon footprint. 

Typically, a Refresh Glass Roof will achieve a U-value of 1.0 W/m2K, 2.4 times better than polycarbonate. A U value is a measure of heat loss. It is expressed in W/m2k, and shows the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre of material (e.g. glass or roof) when the temperature (k) outside is at least one degree lower. The lower the u value, the better the insulation provided by the material.

Refresh Glass Roof Panels Means Quiet When It Rains

Conservatory Too noisy When it Rains

If you have sat in a conservatory with a polycarbonate roof when it is raining, you will know just how noisy it can be. This is due to a lack of sound insulation.

Refurbishing your conservatory with a replacement glass roof from Refresh offers a 50% noise reduction compared to a plastic polycarbonate roof, due to the excellent sound absorption properties of the glass.

The glass used in Refresh Glass Conservatory roofs will achieve 30 decibels noise reduction*, which is 50-66% greater than typical polycarbonate roofs.

* Rw = 30dB when measured against ISO 717 and DIN 52210-75

Self Cleaning Glass Conservatory Roof

Self cleaning conservatory roof

Traditional polycarbonate conservatory roofs lack load-bearing access and are extremely difficult to clean. Over time, dirt and grime builds up and the appearance of mildew is quite common. This process often leads to the roof looking cloudy and yellow, further reducing light transmission and impacting the enjoyment of using your conservatory.

By contrast, a replacement Glass Conservatory Roof from Refresh stays looking good all year round with a few simple maintenance steps. We use the latest glass technology to provide you with self cleaning conservatory glass, which significantly reduces the need for manual cleaning. This easy-maintenance glass includes a hydrophillic coating, which  means that it utilises natural daylight and rain to clean itself. Firstly, the suns rays break down dirt and grime. Then, when it rains, rather than forming droplets, the rain drops flatten and spread across the surface of the glass, washing away the dirt and helping minimise spots and streaks. To learn more about Refresh Self Cleaning Glass, request a call back.

Read our jargon buster to find out more about the benefits of a glass conservatory roof.

Refresh Uses Toughened Safety Glass

Glass Roof Conservatory

A Refresh Glass Roof uses hermetically sealed glazed units and incorporates toughened safety glass manufactured to BS EN1 2150, making them five times stronger that normal double glazed window units. In the unlikely event that a pane of glass did break it will shatter into tiny pieces, virtually eliminating the risk of serious injury.

Glass roofs offer resistance to wind and rain, ensuring your conservatory remains leak and draught free, staying warm, dry and comfortable, whatever the weather.

Find out how much it would cost to replace your polycarbonate conservatory roof with glass by requesting a quote

Refresh Glass Reduces Solar Glare

Reduce Glare From sun with a tinted conservatory Glass Roof

Many homeowners look forward to enjoying their conservatory on a warm sunny day, only to find that the blazing sun creates an uncomfortable glare.

The lightly tinted, solar control glass used in a Refresh Glass Roof reduces this problem, offering an impressive 68% reduction in glare. As an added bonus the coating on the glass also blocks 94% of the sun’s UV rays, which are harmful to people and have a bleaching effect that can cause furnishings to fade.


Adding The Finishing Touch

Why not complete your conservatory transformation by added a final touch of style to your Glass Conservatory Roof from our Finishing Touches collection?

Adding an Insulating Pelmet or Central Lighting Panel enhances thermal insulation in two areas of greatest heat loss within a standard conservatory. They also serve to hide cables and allow you to add spotlights, music speakers and central lights as well as looking good too.

Finishing Touch Options

Glass Roof Conservatory Design And Installation

Refresh provide a complete design, supply and installation service. Once you register your interest, a product advisor will telephone you to establish your requirements and discuss the best replacement roof option for your particular property and lifestyle. You will then be able to book a free design appointment with one of our local sales consultants. They will conduct a full site audit and produce a bespoke design and quotation for you.

Our assessment and design service is provided on a no obligation basis and we do not engage in “hard sell” practice. Once you tell us you wish to proceed, we will confirm your order, arrange payment of an initial deposit and agree a convenient installation date.

Find out More About Our Design And Installation Service

Installation Day

Whether your conservatory requires a full roof system or qualifies for a glass only replacement service, efficiency and quality is paramount.

Most Refresh Glass Roof systems can be installed in just one to three days. If having a full replacement roof system, your existing roof structure is completely removed before we start to install your new framework. Before long we will begin inserting the solar controlled, self-cleaning glazed units followed by securely fixing all components and accessories.

If having a glass only installation, then the process is simplified by having just your existing panels removed and replaced using brand new solar controlled, self-cleaning glazed units installed.

Read more about the 7 Step Installation Process

Unique 4 Metre Oversized Glass For Conservatory Roofs

Ambience Glass Conservatory Roof

Do you have an extra large conservatory roof? With demand increasing for ever larger conservatories, the size of conservatory roof glass has increased respectively.  

One of the key elements in roof size is the limitation of glass unit size. Simply put, the size of a glass roof unit is limited by current technology requiring an extra frame, or muntin bar, to be inserted horizontally as a greater area needs to be glazed. Unfortunately muntin bars themselves introduce potential problems, including the increased likelihood of leaks and are also considered by some consumers to be unsightly.

With the introduction of the Ambience range we are now able to supply extra large glass panel units to a maximum projection of 4000mm. This increase in roof unit size allows for much larger high performance roofs to be built without the inherent problems associated with traditional muntin bars.

Request More Information about the Ambience Range

Case Studies

Refresh Roofs receives high levels of customer satisfaction for our conservatory roof replacement service. You can see some examples of our roof replacement projects here

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